Resumption of adi (French version)

I am interested to resumpt adi, make the content of public property, because it is a acutelement orphan works.
Roadmap: Qt5 ported on: pc, mac, linux, tablette, phone. The code would GPL3, content that is provided adi would be reused.
Adi is an educational software, designed for college and high school students. Everyone can learn in a fun way with exercises, interactive simulations and experimental area.

Who I am?

I'm alpha_one_x86 or BRULE Herman, and I would like to add the catalog of my creations: Ultracopier/Supercopier (recovery with rebased code on Ultracopier), CatchChallenger, and a number of analytical and scientific research study. I'm not only a developer, but also a system administrator, cluster/cloud administrator, I create innovations, techniques and technologies in the world of open source. alpha_one_x86 adi adi ingame